Professional Pet Grooming &
Complimentary Therapy for Animals
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We care how they look and feel

We provide a caring, soothing and relaxing therapeutic experience, especially for pets with nervous, physical limitations, blindness and anxiety. All breeds of dog and cat are catered for large or small we do them all. We are happy to groom breeds that are considered aggressive and those that are often refused by some salons and are vet recommended. Dogs and cats, even shorthaired can benefit from regular bathing to reduce shedding and skin odour. We consider Puppy and Kitten grooming to be very important and would recommend introducing them to grooming after their vaccinations.

Services Overview

Pet Grooming

A full grooming service includes: Groom, Nails clipped, Ears and eyes cleaned, Groin area clipped, Anal glands expressed, Hydro bath with a selection of top quality shampoo for all skin types, Professional hair dryers to dry your pet’s coat, Pet’s styled to customers’ requirements, Scissor, clipped or handstripping, Finished with a spray of fragrance.
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Pet Spa

Pet Hydrotherapy is already hugely popular in the USA and is becoming widely sought after in this country.  Dog owners everywhere have long sought alternative therapy for pets suffering from typical ailments such as: leg and back problems, arthritis, hip displacia and stiff aching joints.
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Energy Healing & Reiki

Healing helps our animals on many levels such as, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.  Energy levels need to be balanced on all levels.  When illness or injury occursk or when under stress, energy levels become unbalanced.  By re-balancing these levels it helps to aid recovery by using the body's natural healing system.
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Magnetopulse Machine Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a viable alternative to drugs for the treatment of pain in dogs due to a variety of causes such as arthritis, surgery, inflammation, and wounds.  Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy or PEMF affects pain perception in many different ways. It affects calcium ion movement, endorphin levels, acupuncture point stimulation, nerve regeneration, circulation, tissue oxygen, and even cellular metabolism. All these affects help reduce inflammation and promote healing.
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As from April 2016 it will be compulsory for every dog owner to have their pets microchipped Vet trained microchipping service with only genuine high quality chips used. We can offer this service at our salon or in your own home. We do all your registration for you so your pet is logged straight away.
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Pet Psychic

I am an international Medium and Pet Psychic helping people and animals. I realised at a very early age that I had a special connection with animals and the spirit world communicating with them. This wonderful gift has taken me around the world helping pets and their owners. I have been invited to do radio and TV work in USA and Australia meeting celebrities and their pets. I can help pet owners to have an insight to what their pet may be thinking and feeling, helping you to understand issues of health, emotion and behavior. I can also communicate with pets that have returned to the spirit world bringing them once again closer to you.
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